PhD Students

  1. Eugénie Terreaux (2015-present, DGA/CentraleSupelec funding), "Random Matrix Theory for Hyperspectral Imaging".
  2. Alice Combernoux (2012-present, ONERA funding), "MIMO-STAP based on sparse array".
  3. Arnaud Breloy (2013-present, DGA funding), "Development of Estimation Algorithms for Robust Detection - Applications in STAP" .
  4. Jorge Prendes (2012-2015, CNES/Supelec funding), "Analysis of Remote Sensing Multi-Sensor Heterogeneous Images", Post-doc fellow at IRIT, University of Toulouse. 
  5. Joana Frontera-Pons (2011-2014, Singapore MinDef funding), "Detection and Robust Classification for Hyperspectral Imaging", Post-doc fellow at CEA, Saclay. 
  6. Pierre Formont (2009-2013, DGA funding), "Statistical and Geometrical Tools for the Classification of Highly Textured Polarimetric SAR Images", Analyst at Datapole. 
  7. Maxime Boizard (2010-2013, DIGITEO funding), "Derivation and Performance Analysis of Improved Detectors for Multidimensional Radar Configurations", post-doctoral fellowship, ENS Cachan.
  8. Mélanie Mahot (2009-2012, DGA funding), "Robust Covariance Matrix Estimation in Signal Processing", qualified teacher in New Caledonia.
  9. Chin Yuan Chong (2008-2011, Singapore MinDef funding), "Signal Processing for MIMO Radar: Detection under Gaussian and non-Gaussian environments and application to STAP", Senior Member of Technical Staff at DSO National Laboratories, Singapore. 
  10. Guilhem Pailloux (2007-2010, ONERA funding), "High Resolution STAP and Ground Moving Targets imaging" , engineer (French MinDef).


  1. Dr. Lionel Bombrun (2009), post-doctoral position on "Stochastic processes for SAR analysis", Associate Professor, IMS, University of Bordeaux, France.

Master students

  1. Mélanie Mahot, "Techniques robustes pour le STAP en environnement de fouillis hétérogène et non-stationnaire", Mar.-Apr. 2009. Master 2 ESCO STN, University Paris 6/Telecom ParisTech
  2. Pierre Formont, "Classification polarimétrique dans les images SAR hautement texturées", Feb.-Aug. 2009. ENSEIG / M2-R "Signal Images Parole Télécom" from INP, Grenoble.
  3. Eugénie Terreaux, "Détection d’anomalies et détection de changement pour l’imagerie hyperspectrale", Apr.-Sept. 2015, Centrale Marseille.