Scientific activities

Since 2017, "Givaudan Data Science" Chair Holder @CentraleSupélec

Member of the board of the DATAIA institute, dedicated to data sciences and their socio-economic challenges 

Since 2017, Head of the Signals and Statistics group of L2S@CentraleSupélec

Associate Editor for IEEE Transactions on Signal Processing

Chair of the Special Area Team (SAT) in Theoretical and Methodological Trends in Signal Processing (TMTSP) - EURASIP

In charge of the S³ seminar (Seminar of Signal at University Paris-Saclay) (2013-2015)  - 22 seminars/year

Elected member of the SAM (Sensor Array and Multichannel) Technical Committee of the IEEE Signal Processing Society

Steering Committee member of the Institute for Control and Decision, iCode 2, IRS (Strategic Research Initiative) at Paris-Saclay Univ. 

Tutorial speaker 

  • EUSIPCO conference in Budapest, Hungary, Sept. 2016 with Prof. E. Ollila: “Robust covariance matrix estimators for sparse data using regularization and RMT” (slides).
  • IEEE-ICASSP conference in Firenze, Italie, May 2014 with Prof. E. Ollila and Prof. D. E. Tyler: “Complex elliptically symmetric distributions and their applications in signal processing” (
  • International Radar Conference in Lille, France, Oct. 2014 with Prof. M. S. Greco and Dr. J.-P. Ovarlez: “Recent advances in adaptive radar detection” (

Special sessions organizations:
  • ASILOMAR 2016: “Recent advances in covariance matrix estimation for array processing”, Pacific Grove, CA, USA, Nov. 2016.
  • EUSIPCO 2016: “Advanced Statistical Models and Methods for Image Processing”, with Prof. J.-Y. Tourneret, Budapest, Hungary, Sept. 2016
  • IEEE-SSP 2016: “Advanced robust techniques for Signal Processing applications”, Palma de Majorque, Spain, June 2016. 

Elected member of the L2S council